Ken Koos. Doctor of Chiropractic. USA. Born and raised in Utah, home of the worlds best  snow and most beautiful national parks. When younger I always wanted to grow up and be   involved in helping and healing people. After owning my own business for 6 years, I finally   followed my dream, sold the business and went back to school. Graduated from Parker   Chiropractic College USA as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

After grauation had the opportunity to work in Australia and decided to take a position in  Australia because of its warm temperatures, great beaches and friendly people. Came to  Australia in July 2006 and worked in Airlie Beach for 2 years.

Whilst in Airlie Beach I met and married a beautiful Australian woman in 2008 (Colleen).  We then moved to Bargara where I worked in Bundaberg for 1 year. Started to look around   Australia for a practice of my own and found this beautiful location with the great office and  looking forward to living, working and building a strong bond with all my new patients and   the community.

It is such a blessing to be able to enhance people’s health and wellbeing through chiropractic  care. I strive to educate people regarding healthier life choices as knowledge really does   empower us to make the choices necessary for greater health and wellbeing. We are not   programmed for daily pain, tiredness, fatigue, anxiety, anger, irritability and aching joints.   Our bodies want to be healthy- sometimes we just need some extra help! Healthier choices   can improve our lives, no matter where we are at. Chiropractic appeals to me on so many   levels. It is natural, logical, simple, life giving, and empowering. It simply lets ones body   express its own unique potential, so that your body can be the best it can be, with what it has   to work with. The most satisfying aspect of my career is seeing the huge changes that occur   in the health and wellness of my patients, from newborns to great grandparents!