Understanding Subluxations Through Metaphors & Analogies Part 3

In the final part of this series of posts, I would like to give you one last analogy. Diabetes of the spine.  Vertebral subluxation can be explained as diabetes of the spine.  First of all, let’s be clear.  You don’t have diabetes, there is no condition called diabetes of the spine, I actually made it […]

Understanding Subluxations Through Metaphors & Analogies Part 2

In my last post, we learnt how subluxations affect our body by comparing them to circuit breakers and the dimmer switch.   Another analogy we can use is the rubber band.  Wrap a rubber band around your index finger tightly.  You will notice within seconds the tip of your finger is really red.  We believe in […]

Understanding Subluxations Through Metaphors & Analogies Part 1

Since effective communication takes places when we link the known to the unknown and communicate more visually than verbally there are some easy ways to communicate this principal and what happens when a person becomes subluxated.  Over the coming weeks I will be posting several analogies to help you understand how chiropractic works and why […]

The Fuse Box Analogy

Look at it this way, basically the nervous system creates a fuse for each muscle and or movement that sets the parameters of a movement or motion. (ie.. walking) When that muscle exceeds the parameters of the fuse it blow and shuts off the nervous  system going to a certain muscle creating a point of […]

Chiropractic is Pro-active

Life style stresses adversely affects your health. Yes or NO (Say YES) How stress is processed and managed is through hour nervous system. You live your life   through your nervous system. So what chiropractors do is evaluate you nervous system to   see how stress is affecting it and if it is creating disturbances on how […]

Adjustments, Oxidative stress, DNA repair

There is a growing body of evidence that wellness care provided by doctors of chiropractic  may reduce health care costs, improve health behaviours, and enhance patient perceived   quality of life. Until recently however, little was known about how chiropractic adjustments   affected the chemistry of biological process on a cellular level. In a landmark study published […]

Increasing your expression of life

“There is a Universal Intelligence in all matter continually giving to it its properties and  actions, thus maintaining it in existence.” Stability of the universe is because there is   intelligence in all mater. That intelligence is inside of you and it is called innate-intelligence   and it wants you to live, grow, and survive. Interference of […]

Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Won’t Cause Chest Injuries

FRIDAY, May 13 (HealthDay News) — Chest compressions during chiropractic spinal  manipulation result in little or no risk of chest injury, according to new research. The study, published in the May 13 online edition of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, measured and examined the force of chest compressions ranging   from typical to extremely […]


Wellness is a choice – a decision you make towards optimal health. A way of life, a life style you design to achieve you highest potential for well being. Chiropractic is based on the philosophy that the body is a self-healing, self -regulating, and   self- developing organism and that your nervous system is the master […]

Physiology of stress From: 14 Foundational Premises of Wellness Care by Dr James Chestnut

1. Body detects stimulus 2. The body indicates the fight of flight response (sympathetic) 3. Increase heat rate, blood pressure, ect….(catabolic). Decreases all digestion, sex drive,   growth (hormone production), cellular immunity. 4. The adreanals are immediately activated. Adrenalin, Epinephrine, & Cortisol are being   produced. 5. These act on the heart, increasing its rate and stroke […]

New health initiative for Sunshine Coast

• Are you always feeling run down and tired? • Do you take longer to recover from colds and flu? • Do your children suffer from persistent ear infections and sore throats when others don’t? • Do they experience behavioural or learning difficulties? • Have you been told to wait for your infant to grow […]

Our Mission

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