Understanding Subluxations Through Metaphors & Analogies Part 2

In my last post, we learnt how subluxations affect our body by comparing them to circuit breakers and the dimmer switch.   Another analogy we can use is the rubber band.  Wrap a rubber band around your index finger tightly.  You will notice within seconds the tip of your finger is really red.  We believe in exercise. Now exercise your finger as much can.  Is the red going away?  No.  We believe in good nutrition.  Water is good.  Now drink some water.  Is the red going away? No.  The only thing that is going to stop your finger going red is to remove the rubber band.  Once you do that, notice how quickly the power in your body starts to heal your finger.  It happens within seconds.  I am definitely not being disrespectful to exercise or good nutrition or meditation or anything else, they are all important aspects of our lives.   This display is purely a way to emphasise that if we don’t remove the interference, we won’t start healing.

I have a couple of very strong beliefs.  I have never met a human being feeling better when subluxated than not and I believe being subluxated kills us a little bit every day.  I don’t see chiropractic treatment as glorified massage, or glorified PT.  I see it as life and death.  A GP who is taking care of a diabetic, or an oncologist who is taking care of someone with liver cancer, it is not a luxury.  It is a choice between life and death.   Chiropractic care is not a luxury, it is a necessity.