Understanding Subluxations Through Metaphors & Analogies Part 1

Since effective communication takes places when we link the known to the unknown and communicate more visually than verbally there are some easy ways to communicate this principal and what happens when a person becomes subluxated.  Over the coming weeks I will be posting several analogies to help you understand how chiropractic works and why regular treatments are a must for you and  your family.

For example, let’s talk about the circuit breaker.  I don’t know anything about electricity.  I don’t consider that a weak area because I don’t want to know anything about electricity. But I know this; living in the north-east of the United States, about 5 or 6 time a year I lose power in my house.  Every time we lose power in our house, the same thing happens.  Even though I know nothing about electricity, I know where the flash light is. I know how to find the garage.  I know behind my car in the garage there is a big metal box. I know how to open that metal box and even though the contractors who built my home actually labelled it, most of it is faded and I wouldn’t read it anyway.  I never read instructions building things.  But I do this – I visually inspect.  I see one circuit breaker in line in perfect alignment with the next, in perfect alignment with the next, in perfect alignment with the next.  Until all of a sudden one is out of alignment.  I don’t necessarily know what that is connected to or if I am going to blow up the home, but instinctively I know if I flip it back into alignment, the power will be back on.  The house you live in, called your body, works on the exact same principal. Your circuit breakers are called vertebrae, and your chiropractor knows where every one of your vertebrae circuits are supposed to go.  When we find one out of alignment with the others and put it back into alignment, instantly the power comes back on.  We practice the POPO technique.  Pressure Off, Power On.  It is that quick. Pressure Off, Power On.

I have a couple of very strong beliefs.  I have never met a human being feeling better when subluxated than not and I believe being subluxated kills us a little bit every day.  I don’t see chiropractic treatment as glorified massage, or glorified PT.  I see it as life and death.  A GP who is taking care of a diabetic, or an oncologist who is taking care of someone with liver cancer, it is not a luxury.  It is a choice between life and death.   Chiropractic care is not a luxury, it is a necessity.