Increasing your expression of life

“There is a Universal Intelligence in all matter continually giving to it its properties and  actions, thus maintaining it in existence.” Stability of the universe is because there is   intelligence in all mater. That intelligence is inside of you and it is called innate-intelligence   and it wants you to live, grow, and survive.

Interference of this innate-intelligence (the expression of life from the brain to the tissue within your body) by way of a SUBLUXATION will cause a disfunction in the tissue/cells.

As it disfunction’s it looses it vibration and is incapable of providing 100% for the body.  If that body has a great diet, good exercise can it still work at its best if the tissues/cell are not   functioning at 100% because a subluxation has interfered in the communication between the brain and cells stoping the flow of innate-intellegence??? Are you now letting your body live,   grow, and survive by living with SUBLUXATIONS???

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