The Fuse Box Analogy

11121Look at it this way, basically the nervous system creates a fuse for each muscle and or movement that sets the parameters of a movement or motion. (ie.. walking)

When that muscle exceeds the parameters of the fuse it blow and shuts off the nervous  system going to a certain muscle creating a point of interruption, a muscle weakness for that   function.

What effect can a point of interruption weakness have on the body? Even though a interruption weakness may not seem significant its effects can range from subtle to life   threatening.

What I do at Coast Chiropractic Caloundra is to identify and correct the blown fuses in the nervous system using Quantum Neurology® Neurological Rehabilitation. Which corrects the   interruption until its re-injured. This allows me to look further and find deeper or multiple   interruption in the nervous system.

By the time you feel pain the fuse box has blown and created multiple points of interruption in the body. Too many people think that strengthening a weak muscle will correct the problem and spend hundreds of dollars trying to strengthen a muscle only to stop the exercise   and have the pain return.

Come in today and let me reset your Fuse Box and allow your self to live strong.

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